Film Friday: To Catch a Theif

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If you ask me what my favorite movie is I will probably tell you Alfred Hitchcock's To Catch a Theif (1955). Granted, I have a lot of favorite movies but this one comes out on top more often than not.  It is full of drama, romance, and intrigue on the French Riviera. The costumes are iconic and every shot is beautifully framed by Hitchcock's fastidious directing style. He is a true visionary in my opinion because he always knew exactly what he wanted in every frame before any actors were put in front of the camera. He may have been a micro-manager who insisted on controlling every element of a scene but his methods had unparalleled results.I could talk for hours about this film and how I love Grace Kelly's classic sophistication or how men these days should be more like Cary Grant and less like Justin Beiber but I highly suggest you watch it for yourself.

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