Rockin’ Ragnarok: Playlist from the Underworld

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Guest post by Kristin Jacques

How do you vibe mythology with the modern era? Music was a big part of writing Ragnarok Unwound and no character brought the lyrical earworms quite like the Goddess of the Underworld.

In Norse Mythology, the goddess Hel holds a few notable titles, as the offspring of the infamous Loki and the titleholder of her own realm of the dead. You’d think that would come with a whole lot of stories, but other than a few spiteful instances, Hel doesn’t have a lot of myths concentrated on her. In creating the character for RU, I wanted to create a fully fleshed out character with foils, flaws, and all the fixings. Many of the Gods in world mythology possess human characteristics (ex: the Greeks often reflected themselves in their gods) so taking a note out of that ideology, I crafted the modern version of Hel with flavors of nerd culture, lady geek, shut in gamer. Do you have any idea how difficult it is getting wifi to the Underworld? Hel possesses a frenetic energy, toned down by the trappings of her situation, so crafting her playlist was a lot of fun.

Hel’s playlist reflects her desire to be free, her high energy, her insecurities, and her playfulness. Goddess of the Underworld, stalwart companion, and max level mage in her favorite RPG. She can raid uber bosses with her guild and raise an army of the dead to stave off the apocalypse. Whatever the situation calls for. In Ragnarok Unwound, she finds a fast and strong friendship with Ives, though the impending doomsday will test the strength of her new bonds.

A little bit more about the book: Ragnarok Unwound is a rollicking fantasy adventure that found a home thanks to #pitmad with Sky Forest Press. All myths are true and prophecy is real. And a giant pain in the butt. Luckily, there is an answer for that. The Fate Cipher is nature’s answer to those pesky Prophecies, Fates, and Destinies. But when the power falls into a mortal’s hands, it comes with a whole new host of problems. Ikepela Ives never wanted to be the Fate Cipher, but circumstance makes her the first and only mortal to wield and her first true challenge is a doozy. The Norse doomsday is coming, the trickster figurehead of the apocalypse has gone awol, and Ives has a whole host of supernatural entities breathing down her neck to get the job done. She need help. When the apocalypse comes calling, you find allies in interesting places…

About the Author: Kristin Jacques is science fiction, horror, and fantasy author based out of New England. She holds a B.A. in Creative Writing from Wells College and has been published in numerous anthologies including Outliers of Speculative Fiction, 13: Night Terrors, Vices & Virtues, and the Witching Hour:Urban Legends anthology.

In 2016, she published Zombies vs Aliens, a humorous science fiction horror romp, which was picked up by Chapters Interactive Stories in 2018 to be released as an Interactive Story Game.

Her contemporary fantasy Ragnarök Unwound was published with Sky Forest Press in January of 2019. Her award-winning dark fantasy Marrow Charm was picked up for publication by Parliament House Press for Fall 2019.

When not writing, she is juggling two rambunctious boys, spoiling her cats, and catching up on a massive TBR pile. She is currently working on projects full of magic, mystery, and delight.  You can find her on Twitter @Krazydiamond07 or on instagram @krazydiamond_writes

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